Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Birthday for Mom

This week is was my birthday....

From my 20mon old...who cares but I get to eat cake!

From my 3yo....Mom, I have a secret...I got you a Buzz card for your birthday...but don't tell anyone! I made a snowball...its for you for your birthday.

From my 10yo....what is your favorite color? and if you can't have that color, what would be your favorite color? what is your favorite book? do you have that one? ok, what is one of your favorite books that you don't already have?

From my husband....(a cell phone call while I am at the grocery store) what do you want for your birthday breakfast? well, can you just get whatever you want to make.

No, really it was a fine day full of family (my mom, stepfather, and niece came to visit), food (ok I made my own cake (with a 3yo helper for decorating and tasting)), and fun. My kids and hubby made some great artwork for me on canvases. And there were roses for me! And my brother sent me my name and age made out of dark chocolate from a little shop in the Bay Area (fabulous!).

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Melissa said...

Happy (belated) birthday!