Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cheap Thrills

This is how I entertain my kids...we drive around (ok, usually we are simply driving to our usual destinations) and look at all the different cars and trucks. Perhaps this was all happening all the time, but I never was aware of it. Now, I know all the big construction sites in town (a new library, a big apartment building near my dh's office, a new building across from school, the football stadium). The kids love to see the special trucks and vehicles (today there was a really cool crane-thing up). We also saw a car with a bike on top of it, a water truck, a pipe cleaner (power rodder trucks cleaning the neighborhood drains), a milk truck, a digger, a city bus, a school bus, and a mail truck. And that was just the 10 min ride home from school. Who needs a DVD in the car?!

One of our favorite places in town is the library...and now the kids love to sit and watch them building the new library next door. They can sit and watch out the windows while I read.

What fun...oh, and it is free, of course!

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