Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sweaty Sunday (late edition of Fitness Friday!)

Now that most kids are back into school, some parents find some extra time for themselves. This is a great time to add in or increase your fitness routine.

Here are some ways to add that time to your day:
1. Walk your kids to school and then take the long way back (or take walk after the kids head out for the day).

2. Find a park district or gym class. Try something new. Most facilities start a fall session and offer a Free Week or a Free Week-Trail.

3. Find some other moms or dads and take a weekly bike ride together or stroller walk. Plan for at least 30mins.

4. Check out some new fitness DVD's from the library and try them out while no one else is home to watch (and interrupt you).

5. Schedule some sessions with a personal trainer. They can help you start or refresh your workout and give you solid fitness goals that work within your schedule.

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