Sunday, August 29, 2010

Questions from the boys

So, we are expecting our fourth child. And our youngest two, especially our 5yo, have been extremely interested in the process. Each week when my email newsletter comes to tell us what is happening, Coop is right there anxiously waiting to find out what his new sibling is up to. He was especially excited to learn that the baby's body is learning how to pee.

Here are some questions that have come up lately.

*So, is there a wall or something in you so the baby doesn't go all over the place?
*When you belly bump with someone, does the baby like it?
*Why do some mommies have the baby like this (with a pushing movement down from his belly to his knees)?
*How big is the baby now?
*Why do we have to wait so long for her to come out?
*So, when the baby is three that means we can get a dog, right?
*How exactly did the baby get in there (my belly)?
*Does the baby eat what you eat?
*Why would the baby kick or punch you?


stephanie said...

CONGRATS!!!! We are so excited for you all!

Gwenna said...

Great questions! And what have been some of your answers...?? =)

Jenna said...

We try to answer them as honestly as possible. But sometimes, we just have to say, we don't know, you can ask the dr next time you are there. I have no idea about belly bumping.