Wednesday, April 28, 2010


If you live under a rock or haven't talked to anyone since September, you might not have heard about Fox's Glee. If you haven't seen it, you should at least check out an episode. Like lots of people in the country, we love it here....and I mean LOVE it!

My husband was a musical theater major for goodness sakes! My daughter is just in the theater/choir/band groove. We love the theater here.

But is the show really any good? Yes. The first couple episodes are a bit disjuncted as they find their way but each show gets better. The fall season was fantastic. I laughed, sang, and cried during each episode. The storylines are very relevant to both kids and adults. They raise social issues such as homosexuality, people with disabilities, divorce, death, teen sexuality, and social struggles. I clearly identified with the young, pregnant cheerleader. The music is great and performance are terrific (I mean the cast is led by two Broadway stars, not to mention the guest stars! and Jane Lynch, of course).

Some of my favorite moments have been:
*Kurt and Rachel's duet of Defying Gravity
*Anything Sue Sylvester says (and now Brittney)
*Single Ladies on the football field
*Imagine with the deaf glee club
*I am Beautiful with the Cheerios
*Fynn and Rachel walking down the hallway during the Madonna episode
*Like A Virgin

And I think I love Matthew Morrison. (if you do too, you should check this out from Legally Brown).

*Episodes and clips are available at Fox and Hulu.

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Carrie said...

Love, love, love Glee! I agree completely with the content. Very relevant stuff. Plus the music is amazing. Can't wait for the next episode. When can I get Single Ladies on iTunes? :)