Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend quickies...

*I was saddened to walk through the completely empty Children's Section of Pages for All Ages today. If I lingered too long, I was going to cry.

*To cheer myself up, I headed to Marble Slab for some ice cream...and I was nice enough to bring some home for the kids! We have to go out to Savoy more often.

*I wonder why, as I spent the day on the couch with my Valentine of a kleenx box...the only good tv was an Intervention marathon (on Valentine's Day? Come chick flicks?).

*Loved having a pizza lunch at my son's school on Friday.

*Red Velvet cupcakes are awesome...I should make them more than once a year!

*I am sore from drumming class...that is awesome too!

*I am generating a list of 'Kids Eat Free (or reduced)' deals in CU (or national chains). I see signs all the time but then the info is never on websites. Send them in!!!
El eat free on Sundays
Steak and eat free on weekends (2 meals with adult purchase of $9)
Fazoli's has a 99cent night on Tuesdays (I think)


Leighann said...

I saw the sign at El Toro. I wonder if El Torrero does the same.

They NEVER EVER get our to-go orders right. They put meat into everything and we seriously can't eat it. Even though I always have them read the order back and everything I ordered is vegetarian.

But my kids love their food, so going to the actual restaurant and sitting down is a better bet.

I didn't know about Steak n Shake. They have great grilled cheese!

Melissa said...

This is exactly what I was looking for!

Does McAllister's have a freebie? I know some of their stores have one. O'Charley's kids menu is pretty cheap and we usually have leftovers. (mmmm cold grilled cheese!)

(Oxygen had a chick flick semi-marathon- Love Actually and Sleepless in Seattle Friday and Saturday night)