Friday, February 06, 2009

Frugal Friday

My tip today is for the government.

We all have been cutting the little things out....not going out to dinner as much, changing to a smaller cable package, no more we all know, those little expenses can add up.

So, I had to laugh when I see Congress talking about the upcoming stimulus package with large (probably expensive) posters behind them. I kid you not, one senator had a cardboard poster of Bill Murray from Groundhog's Day since he was making a comparison between the economy and the movie.

So, I purpose the government also cut out the small more posters in Congress, less dinners at the White House, fewer Christmas decorations on Capital Hill, no more presidential pets, public school for the girls (that won't happen). It won't cut trillions out...but a couple million would help, right?

The government is asking all of us Americans to do what we can to get through this hard they should too.

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Anonymous said...

The President pays out of pocket for meals, pets, and tuition (I believe) but I totally agree about the posters. When my congressman uses my tax dollars to make a pretty picture it annoys me, but if he wants to subscribe to a cable or satellite provider on his dime I don't really care.