Monday, February 16, 2009

Business Report

I drove around to "Erin's" with my kids today. It is just shocking to see so many empty businesses in town....national and local establishments.

Is Checkered Moon closed? The store is closed and beginning to empty for sure.
Circuit City on Prospect is clearing out its stock.
Of course, this is the last day for Pages.
Many restaurants are standing empty.

However, Payless on Prospect is not out of business but closed for remodelling. I was shocked to hear that it was closed...I figure if a discount shoe store can't make it....but I checked. The manager there is really nice to us (you know when I bring in the fam during BOGO...he always measures everyone's feet and is patient as I search for my hider).

Anyone else have anything to report?

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Julie said...

I was at Checkered Moon on Saturday and there wasn't any indication that they were closing. In fact Kerri was discussing the closing of Pages and what a loss it was to Savoy. I don't think CM is usually open on Mondays, but I could be wrong about that.

It did seem that there was less merchandise there, but I assumed they were still getting rid of Christmas stuff and hadn't really restocked.