Friday, April 15, 2011

Baby Weight Update

So, I can't lie and say that I haven't hope to loose some of this baby weight quickly and effortlessly. I was pretty sure that my busy lifestyle and relatively good eating habits, not to mention breastfeeding a lot would do it. Well, not the case. In fact, I have gained weight. And it bothers me. It does. I would be ok without loosing anything, but adding numbers to the scale is not the goal.

It has been very frustrating actually. I have added three days per week of exercise (2 cardio and 1 strength) to my weekly routine. I am still taking it easy and listening to my body...which isn't ready for my usual workout load. I am literally doing something almost all day, so I am very active. I am eating well...lots of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and veggies. I have even limited my sweets (I didn't have any chocolate a couple days!).

But I think I just have to accept it and continue on. I cannot do anything crazy...or even moderately nutty. I have myself, kids, and life to take care of. So the focus this coming week is on good eating habits (which will be hard saying Tuesday is my birthday and Easter is on the weekend). And drink more water (which every nursing mother needs to).

Week 6 Weight: 138.5
Week 9 Weight: 143


Jen said...

you should have your thyroid checked. therere is a type of hypothyroidism that happens after pregnancy. not sure how long it lasts, but eventually it works itself out. then, there is pregnancy that blows the thyroid up and it does not resume normal functionality. this happened to me.

Jenna said...