Friday, January 07, 2011

WW Update: the Financial Times

So, we knew that 2011 would be an exciting year for us. A new baby! Our oldest will be entering high school! I have expanded my fitness career with personal training! The 7yo is reading and learning to tie his shoes! The 5yo just might sleep in his own bed one day this year! My husband tested through college algebra and straight into statistics (this was our miracle moment!)!

We also knew that since I will be on maternity leave for a bit, that money would be a bit tight until school starts again in the fall. But we have planned for it and we are no strangers to frugal living.

Enter further complications.....significant cut-backs with my husband's job and changes in health insurance (e.g. increased costs for us) and proposed Illinois tax increases...just put me in a bit of a panic this week.

You just can't plan for such things. However, we are happy to have jobs and health care, healthy and happy kids, friends and family, and a house to live in (which we will be living in for at least another year or two...the baby can sleep in the dining room, right?). And we have done this before when my husband went back to school a few years ago. We can live on a smaller income, pull our resources, and use some assistance (whatever the state doesn't end up cutting later this month).

We can do it, it just sucks that we have to.


Gwenna said...

You guys are amazing! :)

Jeanne said...

We're here if you need us.