Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Prep

We've had some interesting things happen over the past month as we finish preparing for the newest addition to the family.

I, of course, have been nesting. Washing, sorting, folding. Everything is pretty set in the house. Diapers ready to go. Nursing items ready. Clothes put away (in a new shelf I bought and assembled). Bassinet and cradle up and waiting. Phone lists are updated. Schedules printed. Game plans done. Pantry stocked, freezer full, Valentine's stuff purchased. I'm actually trying to take it easy...resting, eating, made it through the Bears' playoff game...

For awhile my husband was driving me nuts but not doing anything I asked him please find this and that and organize this, etc. But then after chatting, I realized he was nesting in his own considering whether or not to build an addition on to the house before Feb 10th (just kidding but not by much!). He has all these 'projects' he wants to get done before the baby arrives. And since I don't see these projects as a priority (unless they are actually completed), I didn't get it. But I do nest on Loverbuns!

And then there are the kids.
*The 5yo is just fascinated by the baby and whole process. He is asking lots of fabulous questions and can't wait to be a big brother. He also knows that the baby will bring lots of fun visitors to the house that he can play with.
*The 7y0 is in great denial that the baby is even coming. He is anxious and a bit terrified about this unknown. So, we'll see how this goes.
*The 14yo is pretty indifferent. I think she is excited but she's done it before, so no big deal...especially when I told her there was no reason to take off school the day he is born.
*The cats....I really want to be able to listen to their conversations (that I am sure they are having). Our older cats have been through the baby thing twice before so I want to know what wisdom they are sharing with the look at all these cool things that will be in the house! Be nice to the baby and the humans will let you do anything. Two of the cats have become very protective of of them sleeping on or as near as possible to my belly.

They are all selecting a gift for the baby and writing him a little one to welcome him to the family.

And then there is the name game...everyone has their opinion which doesn't match with anyone else's. He'll have a name, we just don't know what it will be.


Erika said...

wishing we were there to be one of the visitors--thinking of you EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Love you mama!

The Flying Weglarzs said...

Thanks for the great nesting preparation updates....can't believe it's all happening next week! Wish we could be there. Love you...