Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is it criminal?

I have one huge interest in my life...crime dramas, in books, movies, and tv. Lately, since I've made myself sit down and chill out from time to time and some pregnancy insomnia, I've become addicted to Criminal Minds. Did you know its on all the time...and if I can't find an episode, Law and Order or CSI usually satisfies. Even a 48hrs Mystery will do it (although I almost always fall asleep before the conclusion...better than a sleeping pill!). I decided I should balance it out with a book or so now and again.... so Robert Parker, James Patterson, Sue Grafton.

My husbands hates these shows so he never watches with me...honestly we don't watch tv together much, we can rarely agree on options. He hates more that our 14yo daughter has succumbed to my addiction as well (I do monitor what she watches and reads).

He always asks me...why do you watch these shows?! I don't know but I am drawn to them. Does this mean that I have some dark and sinister side? Does it make me feel smart if I figure it out before the end? Does it make me feel better that I am safe and alive in my home? Who knows. But should I be concerned that I like this stuff so much?


The Invisible said...

We love Criminal Minds! Dr. Reed is superhot and Penelope rocks! I wish Many Patinkin was still on though (Joe Montegna kinda blows).

Caro said...

I love all the dateline, 20/20, 48 hours mysteries. I think the draw for me is predicting/solving the mystery. My DVR is constantly recording come Friday and Saturday night, esp. when you throw in shows like Medium and Cold Case!

Jenna said...

My only issue with these shows is that you often have to see the first five minutes or you are lost the rest of the time (Cold Case is really hard to follow if you are late).

mrs. fisher's findings said...

I found your blog on Chambana Moms. It's nice to know there are other moms who have blogs in Champaign. :)