Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Thing He's So Cute

So our 5yo is pretty cute. Everyone seems to just love him. Let me tell you a secret about our little Prince Charming...its all an act. He knows he can flash his smile and head in for a cuddle and all is forgiven. He is a master of distracting your accusations with adorable dancing or joke telling. Too bad this magic doesn't really work on me or his siblings.

Just this weekend, the boy snuck and ate 4 doughnuts in a day, half a box of candy, and emptied a brand new bottle of his sister's face wash. Last week, I witnessed him come down late at night (I was on the couch), and eat something out of the kitchen and then go back upstairs. The TV cabinet has been mysteriously broken as well.

He does know that if he lies convincingly, he will get off the hook. If he says he didn't do it, what can I do? And he is pretty a good liar. Only when we have proof, can we convince him to give it up.

So beware of this little one...he's good, almost too good.

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