Thursday, November 11, 2010


So, we ran over to the Art Theater (ok, we actually drove) to see the documentary Catfish on Monday.

Catfish (PG-13, 87min)
I'd love to tell you about it but I can't really say too much. Part of the excitement of the film is not knowing everything about it before you experience it.

I can say that it is interesting and makes you think, just as the Social Network, about using the internet. And the film maker and main subject, Nev, is adorable and easy to watch for 87mins.

I would recommend you seeing it as it will most likely be nominated for the Oscars however I don't know that you need to spend $7-10 on it. It would be a great DVD rental.

It will run for another week at the Art in Champaign.


Gwenna said...

Ooooh, I saw some news show on that...I really want to see it. So interesting!

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