Sunday, October 24, 2010


So, like anytime this beast is seen or even heard in my life, I contracted a delightful stomach virus this week. And why does it always hit me in the middle of the night? Maybe so I don't have to actually look at anything....just keep the lights out and flush it all away. And no kids knocking on the doors. Anyways. It really wiped me out for awhile so I decided, being pregnant and all (yea, that was an added bonus...nothing like a gurgling stomach with a very active being dancing on top of it), that I would actually take some time to rest, rehydrate, and recuperate.

The problem with this plan was (1) there was nothing reasonable on tv this weekend and I had just finished my latest book, and (2) it is really hard for me to just sit around. But, I did it and I think my body is thankful for it. I focused on sleeping, resting, drinking, and eating all weekend. What a concept? There are other days where I forget to do at least one of those things!

So, as my mom would say (and did), your body just really needed some time off. So, I listened. (next time Body, feel free to send me an email instead).

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