Monday, October 04, 2010

Is there a doctor in the house?

When we first moved to CU, we asked around to the few people we knew and happen to hook up with an amazing pediatrician, Dr. Hill at Carle. We just loved him. He really cares for the family as a whole and respects our parenting choices. We were so happy to have him at the birth of our 5yo. Then sadly, when my husband changed jobs, we had to find a new doctor that was covered under our insurance. After a couple tries, we found Dr. Gilpin at Christie. We LOVE her! She is so cool. She interacts with the kids so amazingly and seems to really know our family, again as a whole. Both these doctors valued the idea that a child does not exist in isolation but within a family and community (an idea I hold very dear).

But sadly, Dr. Gilpin is moving. I think I almost cried when I got the letter telling us. And on our last visit, we all had a nice, long hug.

So, now we are forced to find another magical connection with a doctor in town. We have couple in mind but....if you have a favorite pediatrician in CU, let us know.


Keri said...

We have really enjoyed and trust Dr. See at Carle on Curtis. She is caring and listens. We even have moved over 1 hour away and still keep her as my children's primary pediatrician.

The Fearless Freak said...

I like Basillios at Christie. We've also seen Dr Porter a couple of times and really liked her as well.

The ones you should avoid are Dr Schuester (he is in Urbana now, but I used to dread having to take the kids for even the most minor of things on the weekend, when he might be on call because I flat refused to see him for ANYTHING) and Dr Maranon (she is the one that told me, after an ER visit, that my son was fine and we didn't need to do anything else. 2 days later he was hospitalized with RSV :( )

Jenna said...

Dr. Schuester rubbed me the wrong way as well.