Friday, February 19, 2010

Its Preschool Registration Time! Yes, really!!

If you are thinking about preschool for your child next fall, this is the time to register! It seems early but the time will fly by quickly.

I, of course, have lots to say on the topic, but I will be brief and to the point today.

Things to consider while selecting a preschool:

1. Make sure to take the time to learn about the program including taking a tour while students are present. Nothing will give you a better picture of the program than seeing it in action. And bring your child with you.

2. Find out about the curriculum they use. Personally and professionally, I prefer play-based, process-orientated, child-centered programs. Programs that focus on social-emotional development are more appropriate for young children. (more on these ideas in previous and later posts).

3. Ask questions! Any question you might have about anything, ask it.

There are a lot of fabulous programs out there including your local school district but most have application deadlines this month and next, so get moving. You may find some spots later on but if there is a program you love, apply now!

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