Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm still here...

I can't believe its been so long since I actually published a blog post (meaning I have started many and never got back to them). This is past month has been nuts and busy but all good and once August hits, I'm done for. School will creep up on us so fast.

So here is a summary of what we have been up to:
1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Leading up to the July 15th premiere, books were read and movies were watched. I did not head to the theater at midnight but did catch a morning show the next day. In short, see it and on the big screen. It is satisfying for those who have read the book and easy to follow for those who have not (but I recommend seeing the previous movies first). I don't know what is in store for the last two films so I won't complain yet about any omissions.

2. Finally painted pre-teen's room
She picked the colors and she did most of the work. She picked a bright green with pink accents. It looks nice. She spent hours cleaning out all of her 'kid' stuff in order to transform it into a teenager's hang out. A few sleepovers later, I think she succeeded.

3. Twilight
The daughter is way into the series and her walls are covered in posters. She waivers between Team Edward and Team Jacob. I am happy to know that she does not like Bella and thinks she makes stupid decisions! I haven't decided whether or not to allow her to read Breaking Dawn.

4. So You Think You Can Dance
The talent this season is fabulous. No one really stands out because they are all so amazing. My week is planned around the show. And the Top 10 can coming to the Assembly Hall (affectionately referred to as the Ass around here) in October!

5. Playdates, Pools, and Parties...lots of days spend with friends and family

6. Camp Family
We shipped the kids up to Chicagoland for some time (ok, we actually drove them and hand delivered them to responsible adults). So each kids got some time with several different family members. Our oldest got to spend time away from the little brothers and pick some more grown up things to do. She went on a segway tour of downtown Chicago and saw a couple museums and shows. The boys got to play with new things and people and not have to clean up after themselves. And my hubby and I got some quiet time.

7. Adult Play Time (we only wish it was as seedy as that sounds)
So we had some time with no kids so we hung out in CU for awhile doing things we have wanted to do for awhile (eating out, shopping in Tuscola, sleeping). We headed up to Chicagoland and drove around and stopped whenever we saw something interesting (Lake Michigan, Bahai Temple, Chicago Botanical Gardens). We love to drive around and look at houses we will never be able to afford. We stayed in a hotel. Went to a museum without kids (Museum of Science and Industry and saw the Harry Potter exhibit). We had whole conversations and meals without interruption.

8. Reading
The daughter and I have read so many books this summer! And the boys have too but have also discovered the Xbox. I re-read part of Harry Potter and am still working through the Sookie Stackhouse series (and watching True Blood). I also picked up a couple random new mysteries at the library. I plan to catch up on the Percy Jackson series I can fit in with the middle schoolers.

9. Family Dinner
Once the movie project was done we have tried hard to re-establish family meals. The daughter and the 5yo really love to cook so its been nice creating and eating meals together. The favorite recipe so far has been Ice Cream Mud Pie.

10. Work
I have been teaching so many fitness classes, my body will be so thankful to go back to being abused by preschoolers. But I have had a great time meeting new members and developing new classes. I really love exercise and sharing my love for it with others. Two more weeks before I switch back into school mode.

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Gwenna said...

I especially love #7. Sounds nice! :) I bought all of the ingerdients to make the curry recipe you had on here, but I did not actually write the recipe down. Do you think you could email it to me? You should start a recipe archive I think. hehe