Friday, July 10, 2009

Frugal Friday

Especially after my last two posts involved spending money...and they involved movies....

I love going to the movies and so do my kids. But we all know, it is crazy expensive.

Here are some tips....
*Many local theaters offer free or reduced family movies. Check your local theaters for details.
(In CU, over the summer, both theaters offer $1 movies M-F mornings)

*Many theaters have reduced concessions on a slower weeknight...often Tues or Wed.
(In CU, the Bev has $1 night on Tues and the Savoy offers a bucket program and punch-card system)

*Many theaters offer a frequent movie-goer programs (e.g. see 10 movies, 11th is free)

*Always see movies before 6pm! Matinees are always cheaper and some theaters offer Twilight fares between 4-6pm.

*Try to eat before you go. (and sneak in a granola bar)

*Avoid movies in 3D...there are more expensive and usually don't offer kid's or reduced prices.

*Read reviews ahead of time and make sure you are making the most of your movie time. Even with movies I thought I really wanted to see, I make sure they are either really good or really fun. (So sorry, Mr. Depp Public Enemies will have to wait for DVD).

*Over the summer, check out your local park districts, pools, parks, libraries, community organizations for movies outside! They usually don't start until at least 830pm but they are almost always free.

*Read local blogs, online magazines, event sites, newspapers for movies being shown. The university shows lots of movies on campus for a couple bucks or free. This is also a great way to see some independent films and documentaries.

*Of course....check out DVD's from the library and have your own home movie night.

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