Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I really got swept UP

Movie Review: Up (PG, 96min)

First of all, my 3yo finally sat through an entire feature film in the theater! We did miss the short film before the movie since, despite repetitive inquiries, he decided he had to go to the bathroom then. Secondly, I LOVE Pixar films. They are, by far, my favorite family films over the past 15 years. Many of them top my overall favorite film list.

So, get your kids to go to the bathroom before the movie and get to your seats on time because the first 10mins of the film are so amazingly sweet, I had a smile plastered on my face the entire time. Additionally, grab a couple extra napkins at the concession stand because this is a tear-jerker (I heard audible sobbing in the theater (and not from me this time)).

I don't even know what to tell you about the story without ruining any of it for you....let's see. It follows a man's discovery into the next journey of his life, Carl Fredricksen. Along the way, we meet a scout named Russell who it trying to complete his Assisting the Elderly badge. We also come across a rare bird, later named Kevin, and a technologically-assisted talking dog, Doug. Overall, it is a story about moving on through your life when challenges arise whether it be getting older, learning new things, finding safety, or breaking free from the pack.

Of course, the animation is spectacular. The overall visual effect of the film was soothing to me. I absolutely loved the look of Mr. Fredricksen. I think he reminded me of my grandpa. The voice talents are perfect. And, again, there were moments that would break your heart, make you laugh, and get you to the end of your seat.

I highly recommend it to all ages. It was fantastic on the big screen but I am sure we will love it on DVD as well. I don't think I missed anything watching it in 2D but it is available (at a greater price in 3D in many theaters).

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Erica C-P said...

The crying was probably coming from me- it was so touching, sweet, and sad! I also laughed more than I have at any movie in many years.