Monday, October 13, 2008

Quick life recap...

I apologize that my blogging has been lacking lately...not that I haven't wanted to...there is so much going on to discuss but our lives are so busy. I am really trying to limit my computer time to work and making myself go to bed and such.

Basically, I am exhausted and trying hard not to catch all the nasty bugs going around school and work. Its not going so well...anyone have a good deal on Airborne? The 3yo had a UTI and the 5yo a mild stomach virus (I think).

Our now 12yo! is done with cross country and is now emersing herself in the arts...jazz band, choir, and pep club (that's an art right?). We are trying to find another physical activity to keep up her awesome exercise routine. She can go running for another several weeks but... She is a lovely young lady and hasn't been too pre-teeny quite yet.

As her more mature life begins, we got her all new bedding (something I think we did when she went to kindergarden). Gotta love Kohl's and Target. Its super cute.

The hub has been busy dealing with trying to get ready for his paramedic license exam. During his clinical time at the hospital...he help deliver a baby! That's pretty cool!
Right now, the 3yo is giving Buzz Lightyear a haircut in a very stylish pink and silver hair salon. This is a recurring theme in the house...masculine vs feminine. The Barbie condo shares space with the Rescue Heroes command center (thanks again Missy!). For their birthdays, my MIL got us these great Toobeez. (that's not one of our kids in the photo)

We had a great celebration of our children last weekend...superhero theme, of course. Here is the cake (nothing is better than a twinkie than a frosted twinkie...with ice cream).

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