Friday, October 31, 2008

Fitness Friday!!!

How do you feel?

Try not to focus on numbers. And I know it is so hard to took me the past year to really stop thinking about the number on the scale and my BMI. According to those numbers, I am overweight. But...I feel good. I can breathe easily doing everyday tasks, I can play with my kids without exhaustion, my clothes feel comfortable, I can make it through a workout without feeling like puking. If you know me, I'll tell you I haven't lost a pound that last 6 months but my body shape has changed a lot.

Now if your doctor is concerned about your weight, blood pressure, or glucose levels...those numbers do matter and should be monitored. But these numbers should not be obsessed over. And sometimes you can be working out and eating well without any weight loss...but the scale doesn't say it all.

Answer these questions:
How do I feel when I walk up the stairs?
How do my clothes feel?
What is my energy level throughout the day?
How do I feel about my body's appearance?
Can I start to see some muscles (go your Hulk pose)?

If you are starting a fitness program...revisit these questions to see how your health has changed.

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