Tuesday, August 19, 2008


*Congrats to Everyday Dad on their new addition! You all sound so cozy and cute.

*The Olympics are always entertaining...come on...Michael Phelps?! Awesome. Dara Torres?! Amazing. All the gymnastics chaos? Incredible. Bob Costos hair color? So wrong. But I would like them to end soon so I can get to sleep at a decent hour.

*The weather here is great, the only complaint is that is has been a bit cool to head to the pool. Now it is warming up...the pool is closed during the week. I guess we'll have to go on the weekend.

*We are having multiple daily showings of 'Catch me, catch me if you can' starring Rollerskate Man, Bad Cat, and Mr. Bad. (complete with costume changes, commentary, and special effects).

*I can't believe we actually filled the glass case at the library with cotton balls. Great reading everyone! They were supposed to count them this weekend. It looked like slow going for awhile. We always miss storytime during the school year.

*Warning, warning....students arriving starting tomorrow! Avoid North Prospect at all costs (which means a run to the store today for us).

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Misc said...

The Olympics are slowly killing me. And what is up with Bob Costas's hair color? Did somebody play a cruel joke and tell him that color looks good on him?

I hope I look half as good as Dara Torres when I'm 41 (which is not that far off). She's amazing and quite an inspiration.