Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hotel Hoopla

**I will be posting about our lovely vacation throughout the next few days.

After a long drive, we stayed at a hotel, The Waters of Minocqua. The boys had never stayed in one and we quickly realized the concept was quite foreign to them. Think, here is this place that is not your home or most likely a place you have never been before...and you have to sleep there, probably share a bed with someone...

We dropped our things in the room and went to explore. First, the taxidermy-laden lodge-like lobby...giant stone fireplace...huge gumball machine...Mom, a bear! More deer! That's a lot of fish!

Next, the kids love elevators! Down to the arcade. Again, I don't think they had seen anything like it before. The look on the 2yo was priceless...especially as we found him there caressing a game mouthing "Wow!"

On to the 'water park'! 1 indoor/outdoor pool, 1 indoor/outdoor hot tub, 1 baby pool, and 2 water slides (big kids only). (note: we did play in these the next day (although my hub and bro went to the hot tub after the kids went to bed...and then shared a bed together all night), the water slide was TERRIFYING! it was pitch black, you felt like you were just falling into nothing)

We ate dinner at the restaurant in the lobby(where's the kitchen, Mom?)...well my hub and I did, the boys were busy watching the water park and trying to play pool and darts. Fresh fried fish....what else do you want in Wisconsin?!

After lots of chanting (stars! stars! pool! pool! can we live here?), we finally turned off all the lights and hid in the bathroom and talked while the boys finally crashed out. Add a couple more kids and a dog...and we were snug as bugs in our hotel room (complete with fart jokes after the lights were finally turned off).

We completed our stay with a nice Continental breakfast of sugary treats (and bad coffee), a quick dip, and a child-lead tour of the hotel for Grandma.

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