Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to Work!

So this is the week that I officially am back to work. Yes, its only 20hrs/wk but it still a regular Monday through Friday gig. I don't think its really hit me yet that I have to go to work everyday...for 4 consective hours but so far I like it. (I know all you 40hr-weekers are laughing)

I knew that I missed working and until today when I was meeting all my new preschool families, I didn't realize how much I really missed working with kids and families other than my own. I'm very excited to take this journey with the families. Its been awhile so I hope the ride's not too bumpy.

We had a lot of firsts this week...
My 11yo's first cross country meet (she finished without crying).
Our 4yo rode the school bus home from schoool (super exciting, the driver pulled into our driveway!).
I headed back to work.
We got our 2yo to ourselves for the afternoon (I'm sure this has happened before but its been awhile).

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MidlifeMutant said...

Doggone, I wish I'd read this before the open house this morning.

Alayna is in the 3/4 year old class MWF.

We are very pleased so far.

Good luck on your new job!!!