Thursday, May 10, 2007


Now, I am a busy mom and I need to find out more information about this but....

There is a set of parents that were just sentenced to life for killing their newborn baby. Unfortunately, several stories a year come up with people murdering their newborns and putting them in trash cans, or leaving their babies out somewhere hoping someone else will find them. But this story is strange and extremely disturbing.

The 6-week old starved to death, in front of the they only fed the baby soy milk and apple juice. What? The big deal about this story is that they are vegans. Ok, and....I am still waiting for more than that. So they don't eat animals...and....because breastmilk comes from a human (aka an animal), the baby can't have it? Or formula, which does not contain animals, is unacceptable? And where were the doctors, nurses, neighbors (that baby was probably screaming in hunger...until he was too weak). And why didn't they ask for help? I could ignore the complete ignorance of infant feeding (although I think breastfeeding is innate) if they went for help when the baby obviously needed help but they didn't.

What bothers me most is that they waited out the six weeks. That child must have been in agony...I can't imagine watching my baby go through that...just the thought makes me cringe. If they didn't want their baby...why not abortion early on...adoption at birth...or a quicker manner of murder (sorry to say that).

Being a vegan has nothing to do with this story and it shouldn't even be brought up (I hope vegans don't get a bad rap for this). Something else is going on here.

Check The Lactivist link for more and continued information on this one.


Leeanthro said...

Actually, most formula *is* made from cows milk, which would be out of the question for vegans. BUT, they do make soy formula. And I think most vegans would agree that breastmilk is not an animal product to avoid.

And I have to disagree with you a little about breast feeding being innate. Its easier for some than others. I had a really difficult time with my first: low production, tongue thrust, poor latch, extreme fatigue. I did the best I could but had to supplement and eventually went exclusively with formula. And I felt an incredible amount of guilt. I am hoping that things go better with our son who will be born next week. But if I have to supplement, I will, with NO guilt this time.

I find it to be horrible all the articles and pressure out there for women to breastfeed exclusively. This propaganda usually comes from women who have had an easy time with it. I think you just have to be the best parent you can be, whether you give your newborn your breast, a bottle, or both. Women should be more supportive of eachother.

I think these people were just complete idiots. Probably didn't have health care coverage because any doctor should have seen the problem. Obviously read no child rearing books.

Maybe they lived on a mountain without access to the internet or other intelligent people (that's a joke).

Who feeds their baby soy milk and apple juice?

I am a vegetarian and I probably think *more* about what I feed our family than people who eat meat (and lots of processed foods).

Jenna said...

No offense, don't worry.

To clarify, I was referring to The Lactivist (the blog) at It is on my blog list on my blog. Sorry for the confusion.

I agree that women should support each other and that guilt should not be thrust upon those who cannot or choose not to bf. However, I think bfing is the best and is the most natural feeding choice for infants. And I think society should encourage moms to breastfeed (e.g. policy, media, more (free) lactation consultants--fyi Carle Breastfeeding Clinic rocks! and is available 24/7 for anyone, not just Carle patients). I had an easy time with 2 out of 3 kids...the second was extrememly challenging...but I worked through it (with lots of support). (you can see my blog for my soapbox opinion on bfing).

Best of luck bfing your new baby (soon!).

As for that couple...what I think would have been innate was putting that child to the breast to feed him...and him searching for it. Her breasts would have been full and leaking.