Sunday, May 13, 2007

Go Green!!

No, I am not cheering for my daughter's soccer team...I'm talking about becoming more environmentally-friendly.

Here is a great site with some easy tips on how to become more green.

Here is what we did to Go Green this week:
*Purchased an old-school but brand-new push "reel" lawn gas, very little noise, a bit of simple exercise, works great! $100 at Meijer, $120 at, $130 at Home Depot.
*I got some small dishcloths to use as napkins instead of paper.
*We've tried not to use paper towels.
*Used cloth bags at the grocery store (and used the boxes that are on the shelves)**.
*We did not turn on the AC...despite the 89F temperature here.
*I cleaned out the attic and part of the basement...recycling tons of papers from college and grad school!
*And, we finally set up our compost in the backyard!!

**At Meijer stores, you receive a 5 cent discount for every cloth/reused bag and box you use to bag your groceries. You have to bag yourself and might have to remind the checker for the discount. We usually get between $1.50-$2 back.

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