Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Movie Review

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

The summer of sequels is well on its way. My daughter and I have kept up with the Pirates trilogy but after a disappointing second installment, I was very pleased with this one. The first one was so much fun but the second was just a set-up for the last one...but I think you can get through #3 without seeing the second. It was a bit long (at 2hr 45min) but it was action-packed. Lots of pirate-talk and swashbuckling fun....how many sword and cannon fights can we pack into 3 hours?! I see Disney stunt show. The story is much simpler than the second..although there are so many deals being made between characters, I couldn't keep track (my daughter was a bit lost). Basically, it ends up being the pirates versus the government.

Who cares about the plot really? I easily paid my $6 to watch Johnny Depp (still sexy in his pirate scruffiness), Orlando Bloom (wow, is he H-O-T in this movie! wait 'til the last 15 mins for maximum hotness), and Geoffery Rush (not cute at all but a fabulous actor). I could do without the two women in the movie...neither one was really good. The rest of the pirates and other characters are great and funny, especially if you have followed them through all three movies.

My only warning, there is a lot of fighting...and death. They actually show some people getting shot and stabbed (in addition to the implied death of many more). This, in combination with the length and twisty plot...makes this film appropriate for kids 10 and up (this is NOT for the little ones...although I saw them in the theater).

Overall, if you liked the other films, I would recommend it.

In CU, we saw it at Boardman's Art Theater. This is a great find in Champaign. The prices are similar to the other theaters but the atmosphere is better. It only shows one movie at a time (once in awhile two)...so they go all out each time. They decorate the theater and dress up in theme (this one was pirate-themed, of course...they even had little favors at the door). The concessions are great. Really good popcorn as well as awesome cookies, stuffed pretzels, pizza, candy, coffee, tea, and soft drinks. The concession prices are ok ($5 for medium popcorn (free refills) and a medium drink). The sound system is good as well. You can also reserve a ticket online before the show. They also bring in some great foreign films and documentaries.

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gwenna said...

We went to see it this past weekend and loved it. I agree, it was better than the second. And I especially agree about Johnny and Orlando!!!