Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Diary of a tired mom

Whenever anyone asks how I am, I feel bad, but I almost always respond with 'tired'. Of course, I am tired. I have four kids, two jobs, three cats, a toad, I volunteer myself to both my kids' schools, plus I like to keep up with family and friends, I like to cook and eat which requires some shopping, and I don't think the laundry will ever be done. There is always something I could be doing.

Like now, I am blogging...when I should probably be making a healthy dinner for my family or even taking a nap before my husband heads to work. I have a list of lots of things I need to do by Friday that runs through my head.

But what could I eliminate? I really enjoy almost every activity I feel necessary. I love my students at work...even when they are feeling summer approaching through their bones. I love my members at the gym who keep my smiling. I love being a part of my kids' school communities. I want to give back as much as I can for their amazing free educations. I wish I could see my family more so its really important to arrange special times. Eating and bathing seems a little required. And the baby must eat about every 2hrs. And sleep is necessary...at least the minimum I seem to manage.

But I don't always do 'something'. Sometimes, I do nothing. I try to watch as least one mindless television show each day and read something not related to work. Today I read OK Magazine while waiting through my son's therapy session as the 5yo played on the floor (I was waiting for our epic Uno game to commence). My magazine reading led me to some funny youtube videos later in the day. I've been so consumed in family life, reading a magazine from March was all news to me.

Doing nothing is just as important as doing something.

I think I have found some balance in my life. I am able to say no to projects and volunteer requests. I am fine with dishes in the sink. I can stop myself and take a nap. We can always have scrambled eggs for dinner. I always find time for exercise. I can always find a piece of dark chocolate in the house.

So I am tired but happily so.


Dan S said...

Wait, you can always find dark chocolate in the house? Sounds like a completely fulfilling life to me :)

Phil Weglarz, MFT, REAT said...

Hang in there, sister. No surprise you're tired: You're living the lives of three people -- and doing it marvelously. Kate & I enjoyed your reflections on what it's like to be you at this time. Love, Phil