Monday, May 30, 2011


Something has happened to my sweet little boys....they have turned into dirty little rugrats. Apparently something happens around age 7, younger if they have an older brother....suddenly bodily functions and body parts are extremely important!

I know they have not learned it from me and my husband doesn't like to talk about it either...but I have never heard the word fart so many times! (and I grew up with two brothers!). or wiener. or butt.

My favorite moment has to be when my 7yo was sitting next to me on the couch just letting them fly and giggling.

Then there is the time before bath time when they dance around naked, trying to circle their penises around in circles.

Or the comic book being created called Iron Fart (inspired by the baby).

Fart jokes and poop songs...not exactly what I thought parenting would entail.

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