Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December! Always so busy!

In being a mom for so long, I have finally decided that December is just one of the busiest months of the year (holiday concerts, parades, extra shopping and baking, parties, class parties, work events, and Christmas, of course!) I might as well prepare for it and try to reduce the stress of the month. This is where I probably drive my husband and co-workers nuts with planning so far in advance, but I think it pays off.

Not that we didn't have our extra challenges this year....a big fall on the ice for me, at least one case of strep, putting in new flooring in the kitchen, horrible weather, and being very pregnant....

What I did this year.....
I did most of the Christmas shopping in end of November and first week of December. This year I did a lot of online shopping. I watched the ads and came in with a great budget. However, I have to remember where everything is hidden before the 23rd when we leave for the family visits.

I did most of my preschool gifty/end-of-semester work the first two weeks of the month so I could enjoy the students (and my family) this last week.

I stopped to enjoy the kids, hubby, and take some time to myself. Sleep, read a trashy novel, breathe.

We are trying to get up North a bit earlier so we don't have to run to more than 2 places per day.

Can I say crockpot! Thank you crockpot for feeding us this month.

I baked cookies/candies for the school cookie grab early and froze them.

Thank you for the Snow Day for some extra time to get everything done!

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