Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Political Conversation with the Kindergardener

Who is that big guy (the large Abe Lincoln on I57)?
Abe Lincoln, he was our president a long time ago.

Is he still our president?

No, he was president over 100 years ago.

Is he dead?


How did he die?

Someone shot him?


John Wilkes Booth.

Was he a bad guy?

Well, he shot someone.


He didn't like what the president was doing.


President Lincoln thought everyone in America should be treated the same (kind of).

So, Obama is the president now.


What does he do?

He does lots of things. He eats breakfast, he plays with his kids, he exercises, he sleeps, he goes to the bathroom, he takes care of everyone in America.



I don't exercise everyday...How does he take care of everyone?

He makes important decisions to help all of us.

How does he know what to decide?

He learns as much as he can and makes the decision he thinks is best. He has a lot of people around him to tell him what is going on.

But what if someone tells him a lie?

That is a good question. He has to ask the people he trusts.

What does that mean?

Trust means to believe that someone is going to tell you the truth and do things that help you.

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