Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Food Journal

Practicing what I preach, I am trying hard to eat through our freezers and pantry. I am not buying much outside the basics of milk, OJ, and produce. After having my daughter make a list of everything in there and post it on the fridge, each day must contain at least 1 item from the freezer and 1 from the pantry. If anyone has a some interesting filo dough recipes, let me know.

Here is what we've had thus far:
Burgers* with caprese salad and green beans*
Tofu stir fry with rice noodles+ and veggie spring rolls* and corn*
Lemon Bars (made with butter*)
Barbeque Beef*, baked beans+, potato/cheese/corn+ casserole, spinach salad bar
Banana Bread (made with butter* and bananas*)

*freezer items
+pantry items

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gwenna said...

Awesome! Great idea.