Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fitness Friday

My kids have their annual Walkathon fundraiser next week at school. Last Friday, we had a kick off assembly complete with a magician and the local high school cheerleading squad. I ended the assembly talking to them about fitness and how to put into their daily lives. I was a bit shocked to hear how many of them liked push ups! I lead them in a five-minute hip hop routine and yoga stretch.

I did some hip hop since, like most dance, is based on walking. It is also pretty easy for kids (and adults). It was really fun. But now I am 'the hip hop mom'. Here's a secret...I am a white girl from the suburbs of Chicago that can apparently fake enough dance to make people think I am a real dancer (there were rumors around my husband's work that we were professional ballroom dancers!). I have been booked for future engagements.

But what was even better was when I went to school to help our first grader celebrate his birthday. I was greeted with "Hey, I exercised today! I did some push ups!" "I did some dancing last night with my mom." "I have been doing lots of walking!" What? They listened to me? They did what I told them was right? My five minutes of fun fitness translated into a week of wellness? It felt nice to push fitness into their lives and have them so excited about it, that they want to share it with me.

I go back next week, so we'll see what they have done and what stories they have to share.

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