Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Computer

I've been spending the past two weeks getting to know my new best friend, my new laptop. I am still learning how to use it and understand how much my husband made my life easier with our old computer.

Our former computer (shhh...we haven't told him yet that he's been replaced) hasn't been feeling well. Over the past five years, it has served us well as we pretended to keep up with technology. First of all, it was a laptop. And eventually, we got wireless internet. We got a digital camera and put most of our cd collection on iTunes. I used it for my fitness job for almost every class I teach (using my iPod). But over the past year, we had to replace somethings and the past couple months, he just got tired and only work when he wanted to. Although, I respect that in many ways...I have become terribly dependent on my little buddy. And he needs to go to work when I say.

This allowed me see the world outside the computer screen. I really stopped using my computer that much. It was great. I read books! I listened to music! I played with my kids!

So enter my new guy. I'm sure you want to know what kind it is....I don't know, my husband picked it out after lots of research. Wow, have things changed in 5 years! This one is so light and small. My favorite part is the finger print reader to open certain files! I feel so CIA. But I apparently have a slow learning curve when it comes to I still need to learn how to do things and download programs that I thought were magically on all computers.

But this, in addition to great madness in other projects in my life (more on that later)....I have spent far too much time on the computer. I even take him to bed and fall asleep watching TV online! I have had to make myself turn it off and do other things...but I sure do love this new baby!


Wade said...

Need to know - what kind of computer?

Jenna said...

HP Pavillion dv351Onr Entertainment Notebook PC (I'm copying that off the computer)